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Insurance Claims/ Restoration

Here are some steps you as the homeowner can take to make our work successful:

Step 1

Have one of our Roofing Specialists provide a free inspection on your property.  If damage is identified, call your insurance company to file a claim to report the damage discovered by our professionals on your roof and property. Since the damage has most likely been caused by a natural disaster (high wind or hail), it can take a considerable amount of time for your claim to be handled, since other homeowners in the area are probably filing the same type of claim with their insurance company as well.

Step 2

Perform any temporary repairs necessary to mitigate any further damage to your property. Since your insurance coverage may pay for the roof, but not for household contents if they become wet, it will be your responsibility to take steps to minimize any future damage that might occur. Place a tarp or nail wood over roof openings (if practical), or remove items of value from the area below the opening.

Step 3

Within 72 hours of filing a claim the insurance company will contact you with an inspection date and time. Once you’re aware of the time the insurance company is going to be conducting their inspection contact your Zen Roofing Representative to let them know of the time and date to ensure they are there to discuss your roof.

Step 4

Once your insurance company totals your roof all you do is  pick out your new shingle color and Zen Roofing will Re-roof your home. It is an extremely simple process so let’s get started!




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